New Social Safety Ruling-SSR thirteen-2: The New Ruling’s Implications On Claims for Disability Added benefits

The Social Safety Administration (“SSA”) often troubles rulings recognised as Social Safety Rulings about the disability course of action and how the Administrative Legislation Judges cope with specific legal issues, such as weighing of proof.

Social Safety Ruling thirteen-2p has not nonetheless been released, but the SSA not too long ago discovered to the community that it would be publishing the new ruling reasonably before long. The new ruling deals with how the Administrative Legislation Judges see disability claims involving drug and alcohol dependancy. At this time, the SSA does not allow a man or woman to be uncovered disabled if the cause for the disability is for the reason that of drug or alcohol dependancy. This was not generally the situation, in fact, the SSA use to allow a acquiring of disabled if a man or woman experienced a medical impairment prompted or associated to these sorts of dependancy.

The new ruling will tackle how Administrative Legislation Judges weigh proof of a disability claimant’s earlier or current dependancy. The new ruling provides that if the disability claimant’s drug or alcohol trouble is materials, the Administrative Legislation Decide is needed to see encompassing proof to establish irrespective of whether claimed medical or actual physical impairment(s) are immediately associated to, or prompted by possibly the drug or alcohol dependancy. If so, the Administrative Legislation Decide will most likely find that the claimant is not disabled. If the Administrative Legislation Decide decides that the dependancy(s), in and of itself, or themselves, are not the cause for the disability claimant’s ongoing impairments, and these ongoing impairments are sufficient and critical more than enough to warrant a acquiring of disabled, the dependancy will not adversely impact the disability claimant’s claim for advantages.

The new ruling (SSR thirteen-2p) is intended to build a framework for Administrative Legislation Judges about how to see and weigh proof when dealing with a disability claimant who has a background of drug or alcohol dependancy. Particularly, SSR thirteen-twenty is intended to make clear the SSA’s plan when dealing with circumstances involving claimants who have a background of claimed dependancy.

Obviously, this short article does not tackle each and each and every point made in Social Safety Ruling thirteen-2p, however, this short article provides a rough summary of how the Social Safety Administration is handling specific sorts of circumstances. If you are filing for Social Safety disability advantages and have a background of possibly drug or alcohol addition or your claim is based, in component, on a current drug or alcohol dependancy, you must make contact with a Social Safety disability attorney for a free of charge session. Most disability lawyers offer free legal advice about how to commence with your claim.

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