Hey Flickr Household!!

Hey Flickr Family!!

I am just stating howdy..its been a lil bit of a rough working day…My sisters partner is very depressed currently..him and my sister are on the verge of divorce for several causes..and now his good friend from highschool who applied to date his brother , has been suffering from despair, a couple years ago she was in a vehicle accident , and had cronic leg agony ,, was suffering from lupus and getting an addict …her partner couldnt aid her any much more then he remaining her and took there five year old son with thim…and her despair currently received so terrible to the issue that she didnt wanna live any more, so she hung herself in her rest room..and now she is in the clinic and they are battling no matter whether to get her off daily life assist , she broke her backbone and her vertabrae, and has massive brain problems..she is deeply in my prayers, even however i dont seriously know her i dont desire this apon anybody..and i loathe the truth that her son will have to improve up with no a mom.. i know is hitting my sisters partner really really hard lead to he instructed my sister that if she ever tried out to leave him that he would get her kids and convey to the cops and lawyers that she is crazy bi polar so she would never get them…i hope this tale also teaches my sisters partner a lesson and let her to be pleased even if it is not with him…

Sorry i just threw this up here…i often check out to smile and retain a great outlook on daily life but when these sort of tragedies hit so near to residence..its makes you so grateful for the blessings that you have in your daily life..and makes you cherrish them much more!!!

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