Finding Asbestos Exposure Representation

If you believe you suffered from asbestos exposure, you should consider hiring an attorney that specializes in asbestos exposure Pittsburgh PA. While other attorneys may be happy to take your case, choosing a lawyer that specializes in this type of law ensures that you are providing yourself the best chance to succeed in your claim.

Asbestos claims are complicated because the plaintiff must be able to identify the individuals responsible for asbestos exposure. There are often a variety of parties named in the lawsuit, such as the company itself, asbestos manufacturers, asbestos victim trust funds, and insurance companies. Once the parties are identified, the lawsuit or settlement process can proceed.

There is no question that individuals who were exposed to asbestos are at high risk for health problems related to that exposure. This means that the odds of a settlement in your favor are high. Don’t let that fact lull you into believing you don’t need an experienced lawyer on your side. The various defendants in the case are likely to try to pass the blame to each other. The fact that exposure often occurs between 10 and 40 years prior to the onset of symptoms can make it difficult to get parties to accept responsibility.

When you are ready to move forward with your case of asbestos exposure Pittsburgh PA, getting the right attorney should be your first priority. Before you agree to representation, ask for references. You want to talk to clients the attorney has represented in similar cases. The attorney should also be willing to evaluate your case before you agree to representation. It is helpful to talk with an attorney who has handled these types of cases to get a feel for how your case stacks up and what kind of timeline you can expect.

You shouldn’t sign any papers until you are comfortable that the attorney you have spoken to is a good choice and will work hard for you. In larger firms, a case manager will probably handle the majority of your case. Ask to meet this person, as they are the one you will have the most contact with.

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