Divorce Solicitor

Ne of the most frequently-asked concerns I get about Spurgeon is from readers who want to know his position on divorce. File a divorce petition You have to apply to the court for permission to divorce, and show factors why you want the marriage to end. If you file for a no-fault divorce, the only type of divorce readily available in some states, you could be required to keep a separate residence from your spouse for a fixed time period—sometimes up to one year—before the court will grant your divorce. Soon after you prepare your divorce papers, you will will need to file them with the clerk of the court. Try calling the county or counties exactly where the divorce may well have taken place, and ask if they have the records.

It will also generally outline the terms of the divorce that the petitioner is requesting—for example, joint custody of youngsters, kid help, alimony, or half of the couple’s economic assets. Divorce Laws of the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico This web page hyperlinks to the divorce laws of the states and to tables summarizing some of their salient points.

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