Arizona HOA Law – When Can Your Homeowners’ Association Foreclose?

Numerous Arizona householders are surprised to discovery that Arizona law does permit a homeowners’ association to foreclose on a lien against a house owner in specific predicaments. This is not legitimate in just about every state and was not the scenario in Arizona until finally pretty the latest amendments to the Arizona Revised Statutes. In order to stay away from dropping your residence to your homeowners’ association, you should really recognize what rights and obligations you have.

Fortunately, Arizona law does not permit a homeowners’ association to foreclose against a house owner for unpaid fines. As an alternative, the law distinguishes in between assessments and fines, making it possible for for foreclosure steps based on liens for unpaid assessments, but not fines.

Assessments are described as the frequent dues that a homeowners’ association rates to manage the group. If a house owner fails to fork out this sort of assessments, and if the assessments continue to be unpaid for one particular yr or the unpaid sum exceeds $one,two hundred, the HOA will have a lien on the residence that can be foreclosed on. Under Arizona law, an HOA’s lien for unpaid assessments attaches mechanically, and a lot of householders don’t understand until finally its too late just how significantly issues can consequence from their failure to fork out.

Fines, as opposed to assessments, are the penalties that HOA’s charge for violations of the homeowners’ association’s CC&R’s or other governing paperwork. Frequent fines stem from a failure to manage landscaping, leaving trash cans outdoors, and parking in prohibited locations. Unpaid fines do not consequence in an computerized lien and demand that the HOA sue the house owner in court and attain a judgment just before the lien can be recorded. Even following getting this sort of a judgment and recording a lien, on the other hand, the HOA can not request to foreclose on the residence for unpaid fines.

Notwithstanding the homeowners’ association’s suitable to foreclose on a lien for assessments it typically isn’t going to make perception for the HOA to continue with this sort of an action. While HOA liens have precedence above a lot of obligations, this sort of liens will normally be secondary to the principal home finance loan on the residence, so if there is not sufficient fairness to fork out off the home finance loan and fulfill the lien, foreclosure might not be warranted. Homeowners should really recognize, on the other hand, that failing to fork out assessments might consequence in the reduction of their residence, and that HOA’s might go after foreclosure even when this sort of an action is not monetarily merited.

The statutes governing the rights and obligations of householders and HOA’s are sophisticated, and householders facing selection action by their HOA should really get hold of an skilled Arizona HOA lawyer as before long as attainable. In a lot of circumstances there are merited defenses, but they need to be state-of-the-art just before an adverse final decision in rendered by a court.

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