3 Tips for Hiring an Attorney

You might think that attorneys are a dime a dozen, but in truth, there’s a big difference between “attorneys you can trust” and “attorneys who are only in it for the money.” If you’re in need of legal services, you’ll definitely want to hire the former rather than the latter. Here are just three tips to make sure that you’re on the right track.

1. Find a Specialist

Attorneys can specialize in everything from dog bites to medical malpractice lawsuits, so when you’re looking for someone to represent you, it’s important that you’re looking in the right places. Don’t search for a personal injury attorney in the real estate directory. You’ll only waste your time.

2. Ask About Rates

The next step to finding an attorney is figuring out which ones are within your price range. Here are a few questions that you might ask during an exploratory phone call:

– Do you bill by the hour or by the case?
– Do you require a retainer? If so, how much will that be?
– Will I be charged for phone calls like this? Will I be charged for email correspondence? Does that count towards my total?
– Will you want a percentage of whatever settlement that I receive?

3. Read Their Reviews

An established attorney should have plenty of online reviews about their firm. Take a look at them and see what people are saying. If the general consensus is that they’re a worthwhile attorney, you can proceed as planned; on the other hand, if everyone agrees that they’re a dud or a quack, heed their warnings and move on. If they felt strongly enough to come online and complain, they must have had a truly terrible experience with that attorney.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you seek legal representation. Whether you’re looking for personal injury attorneys in California or real estate attorneys Dallas TX, you’ll want to take your time with your selection. Don’t rush it. Do your research and figure out which attorney is right for you.

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